A pharmaceutical drug are used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent disease. There are two main sources of drugs, plants and microorganisms. There are a lot of drugs that use plant resources. For example: Digitalis’ leaves are used in the drug Digoxin to treat congestive heart failure (CHF). Cinchona’s bark is used in the drug Quinine […]

Micro organisms are divided into three classes: -Bacteria -Viruses -Fungi Chicken pox is a viral infection caused by vaicella zoster virus or (VZV). The most important point to get is that not all micro organisms are infectious. The infectious micro organisms are known as Pathogens. Humans have developed a defence mechanism to defend them from […]

Shakespeare presents Macbeth’s deteriorating state of mind using a variety of language devices and techniques. MACBETH Oh, full of scorpions is my mind, dear wife! Macbeth’s manhood gets questioned a lot by Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth plays a big role as an evil influence to Macbeth. From the instant that he told his wife about […]

Scene 2 starts with lords discussing Scotland and Macbeth, as the English army and the rebels approach with the lead of Malcom. This is when we are introduced to the meeting of the English and the Scottish rebel army’s meeting in near Birnam Wood. We know, from this scene that Macbeth is preparing his army in Dunsinane […]

In this act, the readers witness how a physician and a nurse find out about some dark stuff that they are not supposed to know about Lady Macbeth. Everyday Lady Macbeth goes to a box picks up a letter seal it and then she goes back to bed. The nurse was suspicious so she asked […]

In this act we see how Macduff tries to persuade Malcom to be King of Scotland. However Malcom starts talking about how he would make a bad king and that he has got bad desires. Therefore if Malcom becomes king of Scotland, Scotland will suffer. Macduff then feels really disappointed since he has left his […]

Lady Macduff is worried about her husband’s sudden disappear to England. Lady Macduff does talk to Ross about but Ross leaves her vulnerable to risks. Lady Macduff does question Macduff’s love towards his family since he left the whole family vulnerable to risks knowing that Scotland is not a safe place any more. Lady Macduff […]